March 11, 2021

The Day

The Day has been designed to be used as a WHOLE school resource, so please ask your peers to add their emails and start receiving our daily headlines.

Our key areas of use are:

  1. Formtime– quick topical exercises to engage students in a short space of time
  2.  PSHE – weekly themes, daily articles, special reports and all the big issues covered
  3. English and the library – improve non-fiction literacy and critical literacy. Our connectionssection takes key literary texts/movies/writers and aligns their key themes to students real-world lives
  4. Assemblies – big events covered for whole school use with presentation
  5. Subject lessons – whole curriculum covered with classroom activities in each article
  6.   SEN/EAL students – simplified version available of each article
  7.  MFL – translated articles weekly in Spanish, French, and German (archives in Italian and Polish)
  8. International Baccalaureate (IB) section- with articles divided by learner profiles and theory of knowledge
  9. Sixth form/EPQ: Every article comes with a ‘Become an Expert’ section (found under the article) which means students can do independent learning around a topic they are particularly interested in as it provides links to external sources (archive of over 5000 articles for material on specific subjects).

To help your school make the most of the subscription, take a look at our ‘Become a Super User‘ section, which is packed full of videos, helpful hints and top tips.


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