Career Links

At OCA, we strongly believe that careers education is a vital aspect of our curriculum. In History, we aim to broaden our pupils’ idea of the opportunities available to them post-16. In order to do this, we:

  • Organise visits to the University of Liverpool to trial History based degrees
  • Include career links in lessons (researcher, lawyer, lecturer, history teacher, archivist, archaeologist)
  • Arrange visits from professionals to discuss career pathways
  • Provide opportunities for international travel (Krakow, Berlin)
  • Offer careers advice for pupils during the options process to guide/support in decision making
  • Maintain our History careers board giving a wide range of career opportunities and the qualifications required

Further Education Opportunities

Locally, we have excellent post-16 provisions for studying History at A-Level and beyond. There are several options and we love to see our pupils continuing to uncover the past. Below are some links for further study options for History:

Cronton College – A Level History

Carmel College – A Level History

Apprenticeships – History