Career Links

The Gatsby Benchmarks:

Gatsby Benchmark How we will meet this:
1: A Stable Careers Programme ¨       Annual theatre trips to introduce a vast range of careers through the industry.

¨      Trips to take part in performances within a theatre setting – this enables students to experience specific careers e.g. performer, staging director, lighting director.

2: Learning from Career and Labour Market Information ¨       LIPA attend the careers fairs for Y8 and Y11 Careers Fairs.

¨      During parents evening and options evening, information is provided to students and parents regarding future career opportunities in Dance.

3: Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil ¨       Specific advice and guidance given to students at parents and options evenings.

¨      Year 11 students given advice through Academic Mentors and subject teachers.

4: Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers ¨       In both KS3 and KS4 SOL, references to careers are made and linked to certain topics across the curriculum.

¨       In the BTEC Tech Award studied at KS4, Assignments are designed for vocational dance context in the industry.

5: Encounters with Employers and Employees ¨       LIPA summer school offered to KS4 students through audition, this gives an insight into the careers and opportunities through Performing Arts.

¨      Workshops and Career talks with professional artists.

6: Experiences of Workplaces ¨      Work experience at LIPA and other various dance companies e.g. StopGap, within the school holidays to encourage students to enter this industry.
7: Encounters with Further and Higher Education ¨       Workshops in lessons with Y8 by LIPA that includes a discussion of courses available.

¨       Campus visits to Post 16 colleges and universities specific to Dance i.e. Cronton and LIPA

¨       CAT workshop with the Lowry.

¨       Taster day Dance Workshops at Cronton College

¨      Liverpool Hope Taster Workshops.

8: Personal Guidance ¨       Auditions, shows and rehearsals which mirrors interviews/auditions in the Dance industry.

¨       Students are able to receive careers advice from subject teachers, academic mentors and careers advisor.


Further and Higher Education:

There are a range of courses available in both higher and further education which allow students to progress into the Dance Industry, including:

  • A Level Dance
  • BTEC Level 3
  • Higher National Diploma
  • BA Hons Degrees
  • Post Graduate and Masters Degrees


Career Links:

There are a wide range of career options available to dance students both inside and outside the industry including:

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Costume/Set/Lighting Designer, Performer, Education Specialist, Dance Film Maker, Journalist, Photographer, Teacher, Dance Wear Distributor, Production Management, Public Relations, Rehearsal Director, Gym Instructor, Events manager, Marketing team, Dance Critic, Community Dance Artist, Customer Service.