Ian Pilkington

Ian Pilkington – 1985

Ian Pilkington

Left in 1985

What job or programme of study are you doing at the moment? Tell us a little about it.

My current role is site manager for one of the country's largest construction company's and I am also studying for an HNC in construction. The job role is basically organising and managing a building site from putting the foundations in the ground to handing over the keys to the client once the project is complete.

How did you decide on your career path and what is most interesting about your work or course of study?

In my last year at Bankfield I was unsure of what I wanted to do as a career. My dad wanted me to be an electrician, but I did not think I had the brains to make it as one. So my sister had just bought her first house and asked me to help her paint it. While there I was there painting I thought this is ok, I'm enjoying this, so applied to the CITB to there YTS scheme, which I was accepted and ultimately given an apprenticeship. I carried on painting for a number of years all over the country and beyond, working my way up to foreman. After moving around a couple of firms I was offered a estimating / contracts manager position which I worked at for a number of years before being head hunted by a national company to look after the painting department at there newly opened Brighton branch of the south coast. Once up and running I returned back to the northwest to run a large hospital job for them in Wales as site foreman. Here I stayed for 6 years before being asked if I fancied a change of career and go into site management by the main contractor on the hospital. So here I am today running my own project a £5.5 million pound care home.

What is your fondest memory of your time at school?

I had great memories of school, My mates who I have kept in touch with. The teachers some who have since passed away, always pushed you to do your best even though at the time you thought they were a right pain and always shouting etc. Playing rugby for the school for 5 years, getting on the coach on a Saturday morning with a couple of teachers who had given up there Saturday morning with there family's to let us play rugby.

Did you have a favourite or inspirational teacher, or teachers, when you were here? Tell us a little about why they were so important to you.

I did not have 1 favourite teacher I had four Mr Ross - History, A great teacher with a thick Scottish accent who was unbeatable at draughts and loved school trips to Alton Towers Mr Foley - English, a teacher who was like an entertainer when reading story's aloud to the class, using different voices and accents, pushing students to do there best Mr Houghton - History - again a teacher who pulled the best out of his students Mr Harrison Art- A great laid back man, who could see the potential in his students Great teachers with a passion for there subject and pushing the students to get the best grades possible.

What advice would you give to our current students?

My advice to students When you think your teachers have a problem with you, moaning, shouting etc , I know from experience they do not, they want you to get the best grades you can possibly get. Enjoy your years at school, its hard in the outside world. Take any opportunity given to you to better your self, Think Big ! Do the best you can do and the best you can be !

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Ian Pilkington – 1985