Staff List

Senior Leadership


Mrs J Lowry-Johnson
Ms N Johnson
Associate Vice Principal – Curriculum 
Mrs K Hatch
Assistant Principal Behaviour & Safeguarding
Mrs O Wsyss
Assistant Principal – Achievement & Literacy
Mrs L O’Rourke
Assistant Principal – Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Mr M Molloy – Director of Data


Name Role
J Ainsworth Inclusion Tutor/ Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead
K Archer Classroom Teacher Art and Textiles
L Arrowsmith Classroom Teacher of Mathematics
A Bagshaw Leader of NQT/ITT/ Acting Head of PE
L Barrett Director of KS3 / Teacher of Enterprise/IT/ Geography
R Basnett Premises Manager
J Beddows Cleaner / First Aid Officer
S Beesley Cleaner
B Bell Classroom Teacher History
L Bishoprick 2nd in English
K Bowen Receptionist
A Boothe Head of Music
H Bowers Head of English
H Boyes Teacher of MFL
E Bragg Classroom Teacher Music
M Brennand Exam Invigilator
H Bridge Head of Arts / Performing Arts
A Brown Cover Supervisor / Joint Leader of Enrichment
H Brunt Classroom Teacher Technology
J Buckley Cleaner
T Burns teacher of Science
C Carter Midday Assistant
C Cavell Classroom Teacher History
R Clare ICT Manager
A Coello-Alvarez Classroom Teacher Spanish
C Coldwell Classroom Teacher English
M Cookson 2nd in Science
J Corbett Behaviour Support Assistant
D Coring 2nd in Mathematics
C Cowen Classroom Teacher Mathematics
C Daley Classroom Teacher Mathematics
D Davenport Site Assistant
F Dawson Exam Invigilator
A Doran Teacher of Mathematics (On maternity)
G Eastaugh SENDCo
K Edwardson Exam Invigilator
J Ellis Cleaner
L Farrington Graduate Teaching Assistant Mathematics
V Fearns Head of Science
T Finnigan KS3 Leader/ Teacher of Science/ Animal Management
J Fleming Cleaner
K Fowler Midday Assistant
B Glover Classroom Teacher English / Head of Year 8
C Grace Exam Invigilator
P Greathead Classroom Teacher Technology
D Green Behaviour Support Assistant
Y Guy Classroom Teacher Mathematics
G Hall Assistant Site Manager
K Hatch Assistant Principal – Behaviour
J Hayes PA to Principal / Personnel Manager
G Haywood Classroom Teacher Mathematics
E Hopwood Technician DT
E Hopwood Cleaner
S Horan Science Technician
A Hough Midday Assistant / Cleaner
D James Learning Support Assistant
J Humphries Senior Finance Manger
M James Classroom Teacher English/ Assistant HOY 10
D Jenkinson Inclusion Tutor
P Johnson Cleaner
R Johnson Learning Support Assistant
M Johnston Teacher of PE
K Jones Classroom Teacher Science
C Kelly Admin Assistant / Assistant PA to Principal
H Killigrew Classroom Teacher English / Joint Leader of Personal Development
S Lane Classroom Teacher Computer Science / ICT/Enterprise
C Laughton Finance Assistant
R Laughton Classroom Teacher of Science
D Lewis Director of KS4/ Classroom Teacher PE/ HOY 10
J Lewis Head of History
J Lewis Peripatetic
K lewis Peripatetic
K Lindberg Graduate Teaching Assistant
H Magee Cleaner
G Martin Office Manager / Exams Officer
E McEvoy Geography Teacher
R May Classroom Teacher of Drama / Head of Year 9
F Mcdowell Classroom Teacher Food / English / Designated Safeguard Lead
E McDowell Classroom Teacher Geography
N Mcgibbon ICT Technician
A McGuiness Classroom Teacher Geography
J McLoughlin Midday Assistant
L McNeill Teacher of Mathematics/ Joint Leader of Personal Development
U Miller Leader of Alternative Provision
T Minghella Learning Support Assistant
M Molloy Director of Data / Acting Head of Mathematics
C Molyneux Graduate Teaching Assistant
R Myatt School Direct Trainee English
J Nevitt Exam Invigilator
C Noone Admin Assistant
K Nevitt Administrative Assistant
E O’Farrell RE Teacher
L O’Rourke Assistant Principal – Teaching, Learning & Assessment
E Osborne Inclusion Manager
K Owen Classroom Teacher Science/ Assistant HOY 8
H Parker Food Tech Teacher
H Paton Classroom Teacher English
E Peers Head of Mathematics
S Pritchard History Teacher
S Percival HLTA English
H Pope Head of Year 11 / Classroom Teacher of Science
P Powell Classroom Teacher Mathematics
N Randall Classroom Teacher English
J Rathbone Speech and Language Co-ordinator
P Rice Attendance Officer
M Rideout Classroom Teacher PE/ Assistant HOY 9
H Rimmer Learning Support Assistant
J Rix Cleaner
H Roberts Head of PE (On Maternity)
S Ronan Classroom Teacher PE
S Rowlands Finance Manager
M Rowlands Food Technician
M Rudkin Cleaner
A Sanchez Motos Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
J Sinclair Classroom Teacher Science
S Skellington Classroom Teacher Dance / Joint Leader of Enrichment
A Skidmore Head of Technology
A Sloan English Teacher
S Thomas MFL Teacher
C Thompson Admin Assistant / Reprographics
J Thompson Attendance Officer
J Thompson Cleaner
M Topping Exam Invigilator
P Topping Cleaner
A Unsworth Behaviour Support Assistant / Midday/ Assistant HOY 11
J Walsh Cover Supervisor
M Willis Learning Support Assistant
A Wood Cover Supervisor
B Woods Cover Supervisor
P Woodward Cover Supervisor
J Wooley Classroom Teacher Mathematics
O Wyss Director of Literacy and Achievement
A Young Cover Supervisor