Cashless Catering/ School Comms

Cashless Catering

We are pleased to announce that the academy is installing a cashless catering system which will launch in June 2018. The system, provided by Live Register, will improve our ability to serve food quickly and efficiently. We plan to be in full operation from the 27th June; parts of the new system will be installed prior to this date so that we can begin enrolling students in advance.

This system incorporates the latest technology and eliminates the need for students to carry cash throughout the day. It is also biometric (see FAQ’s) so the system will recognise the ‘finger image’ of your child at the revaluation pay points and at the tills. Future development may include the use of biometrics for the academy’s library service.

Once the academy commences operation on 27th June, cash will not be accepted at the till points after this date. Once the student’s account has been credited, any money spent on food and drink will be deducted on a daily basis. The academy will ensure the students are informed about how the new system will work prior to the start date.

As per current legislation, we will be operating an ‘opt- in’ policy which requires parents/carers to consent or object to the registration and use of a child’s ‘finger image’.

If you choose not to have your child registered on the biometric system, a 5-digit PIN code will be allocated. Please note that PIN codes do not have the same level of security and it will be your child’s responsibility to remember the code and keep it secure at all times.

For queries or more information, please contact the Main Office: 0151 424 5038

Key Dates

W/c 14.05.18- Letters sent out to parents regarding cashless catering & biometric information consent

15.06.18– Due date for consent forms to be returned

W/c 18.06.18 – Biometric readings to be taken for those students whom parental consent has been obtained

27.06.18- Go live with system for staff and students

OCA Student Biometric Consent Form

Cashless Catering FAQ

School Comms/ School Gateway

At Ormiston Chadwick Academy, we use Schoolcomms to communicate via email and text messages with parents and carers. By downloading the School Gateway app on your iPhone or android phone you are able to receive these messages as alerts and reply to them, this has the added benefit of saving the academy money on text messages.

The other added advantage of using the School Gateway, either via the app or at, is that you can see your child’s attendance, timetable and achievements as well as make secure payments for trips. Furthermore, it can be accessed to credit your child’s account in order to purchase food and drink at the canteen (The new system will be in operation from 27th June). Note: When making payments, an instant bank transfer is one of the cheapest ways for the academy as the transaction fee is lower! We would appreciate your help in keeping costs down.

Registration is quick and easy but requires that the academy has the correct mobile number and email address before your account can be set up. For queries or to update contact details, please contact the Main Office. Alternatively, please complete and return the data collection form.

School Comms Guide

OCA Data Collection form