Here at Ormiston Chadwick we make no apologies for having extremely high expectations of our learners and we take great pride in ensuring that all students can come to school and learn in a positive and stimulating environment.

As a school we will not compromise on our expectations of our learners and we have clear systems in place at OCA that ensure that those that disrupt the learning of others are dealt with swiftly and effectively (see sanctions section).

Here at OCA, we believe that we are preparing our students for the next stage in their lives and this is why we insist upon all students wearing the correct uniform and footwear.

At OCA we expect learners to do everything to the best of their ability by:

  • Arriving to the academy on time
  • Wearing the correct uniform at all times
  • Bringing the correct equipment to all lessons
  • Giving 100% effort in lessons
  • Displaying positive attitudes to learning & behaviour and respect all staff and other students at all times


Our motto at the academy is “Age Quod Agis” which means “Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability” we ask that all of our students take PRIDE as follows:



Your Teacher may offer you a time out

STEP 1 Verbal


I am giving you a verbal warning
STEP 2 Formal


I am giving you a formal warning
STEP 3 Final


You are now at the final warning stage and need to move seats
STEP 4 Removal to other class in the department You will be removed to another classroom and will be issued with a ½ hour detention

Parents/carers informed

STEP 5 Refusal to move to other class or poor behaviour in the other classroom Moved to work in Isolation and issued with a 1 hour detention by the Subject Leader Parents/carers informed


Sanctions Ladder