2018 – 2019

Overview of the school and funding 2019-20

This year we don’t yet know the figure for the Year 7 Catch up funding as that is based on the October 2019 Census and will be paid in Spring 2020. However, the academy is committed to ensuring that all pupils catch up and excel here, regardless of starting points and we have already committed more funding to this area.

Total number of year 7 students on roll




Percentage change in cohort




Total amount of funding expected to be received




On entry to OCA 75 out of 209 (36%) of pupils scored less than 100 points; this is in line with pupils nationally as 75% of pupils achieved the ‘expected standard’ in reading. In numeracy there are 67 out of 209 (32%) of students scored less than 100.

Starting Points

This information does not include students for whom there is no data, for example students moving from another country.

Strategies employed this year:-


Director of Literacy – This leadership position for Literacy was created again in 2019. Their remit is to ensure high standards of literacy across the curriculum, that students make more than expected progress with their reading ages and that all students who are in need of catch up get the necessary support and intervention.

* Ark Mastery Resources – With the purchase of the Ark Mastery programme for literacy aided with support from the Pupil Premium funding, resources have been collated to help deliver the programme as effectively as possible. The impact from last years strategy recommended the continuation of the Ark Mastery programme in English, but not in Maths.
* Small group literacy intervention group and 1:1 reading– Small groups or individual students will continue to be withdrawn from lessons to work on basic English skills with our English HLTA or TA, these groups focus particularly on writing skills such as spelling and punctuation and engage in 1:1 reading.
* Effective teaching and learning– Specific training days to promote literacy and numeracy across all subject areas with departmental representatives appointed in both areas have been built into the CPD programme. The Director of Literacy continues to develop Literacy Across the Curriculum to share outstanding practice, and delivers high quality CPD to staff regularly.
* Summer school intervention programme for those students who have not met the required level by the end of the July 2020 with a focus on raising literacy and numeracy.
* Curriculum review– we continually undertake a comprehensive curriculum review to ensure pupils are supported in making progress to achieve their potential.

The Ark Mastery programme in English has enhanced the development of grammar and progress in Year 7 and Year 8, and will continue to be implemented to add rigour to the delivery and assessment of the English curriculum at KS3.

Maths have decided to follow the White Rose Scheme of work which has similar traits to the Mastery, however, it that looks at less topics but goes into greater depth that enables a deeper understanding. The focus is also on the foundation topics which the catch-up students need to improve on. This will also link into a bespoke intervention programme with the 2nd in department and GTA for Mathematics.

* SEND Support – The SENCO and her team will work with the students that achieved below 90 in their reading on the ‘Toe to Toe’ programme, reading to them every morning. They will also do some numeracy work with the students that achieved below 90.