2016 – 2017


Cost Analysis of PP Spending for 2016/17:

In 2016/17 Ormiston Chadwick Academy received Pupil Premium funding of £319,723.07

Intervention Cost
Raising Achievement and Attainment  
2 additional Maths teachers £65, 401
Extra resources in English £23,597
Teaching Assistants in English and Maths £56,789
Accelerated Reading Programme £2,571
Staff CPD £2808
Tracking data and assessments £3127.28
1:1 Maths tuition during May half term £720
Saturday Academy and Holiday Study £9,785
Mint Class £250
Innovation fund (bidding fund for departments for resources to raise the attainment of PP students) £3,783
Ingredients for catering lessons £2271
Improving Attendance  
Attendance Officer £23,154
Home Visits £19,073
Free Student Breakfast £17,428
Additional Support and Intervention for most vulnerable  
Free or subsidised uniform £993
Alternative provision (Harmonise, Horizons and Everton Academy) £46,363
Leader of alternative provision £2250
Raising Aspirations  
1:1 Careers Interview £7,041
Social and Cultural  
Free music tuition and instruments £15,124
Free or subsidised school trips £13,529.16
Enrichment £4823
TOTAL £ 320,880.44


Raising achievement and attainment

The performance of disadvantaged students has improved from 2014-2016.  The percentage of students achieving 5A*-C with English and Maths has increased by 23% and is now above national figures for all students.  Those achieving 5A*-C has increased by 32% from 2014-2016 and is also above national figures for all students, Basics shows an increase of 16% and is above national.

Expected Progress for disadvantaged students in English and Maths has increased by 28% and 18% respectively from 2014-2016.  English is now 18% above national figures for all students and Maths is only 2% behind national figures for all students.  In terms of comparisons with disadvantaged students nationally we are now above on every measure.

In school gaps are closing for all measures from 2014-2016.  The most notable are 5A*-C and Basics which have reduced by 18% and 16% respectively from 2015-2016.  5A*-C En/Ma has also reduced by 15% from 2015 – 2016.

Due to the change in government measures, 2017 results are not fully comparable to previous years.  Overall, disadvantaged students in Year 11 achieved a progress 8 score of 0.76 and 86% achieved a positive Progress 8 score.  This percentage has remained stable from the previous year and the progress 8 figure has increased by 0.08.

As you will see from the figure, a considerable amount of the funding was spent employing additional teachers and paying for additional support in Maths.  The impact of this was that Pupil Premium students achieved a progress 8 score of 0.13.

2 students achieved Grade 9 in Maths, 2 in English Language and 2 in English Literature.  One of our students achieved 3 Grade 9s across English, English Literature and Maths which only  2% of the country achieved.

Disadvantaged students in our current Year 11 have a progress 8 score of 0.42 and 74% have a positive progress 8 score. We expect this figure to rise throughout the year.

Improving attendance

Attendance 16/17 as at 26th May 2017

Attendance Gaps PP and non PP % All Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Gap 3.88 1.13 4.22 4.96 5.63 4.28

Attendance for PP students is on an upward trend from 89% in 2013/14 to 94.6% in 16/17

A free breakfast offer every day has also helped to improve punctuality across the school and ensures that PP students have the opportunity to have a meal at the start of the day.

Additional support and intervention for most vulnerable

Ormiston Chadwick Academy opened on 1st September 2014.  All Year 7 Pupil Premium students are provided with a new tie.  Equally, Year 11 Pupil Premium students are also presented with a tie to mark their last year of school.  In 2016/17 other items of uniform including blazers, shoes and PE kits were provided for individual PP students as required.

Alternative provision was necessary for some of our vulnerable Pupil Premium students at risk of permanent exclusion, to allow them to engage fully in education.  The alternative provision was a temporary measure to enable students to re engage with education.

Of those students who were provided with alternative provision in Year 11, 100% achieved positive progress 8 scores.

Raising aspirations

At OCA we recognise the importance of careers advice.  All Pupil Premium students in Year 11 were given 1:1 careers advice and support with college visits and applications and 100% of students were made an offer of a college place compared to the LA average of 96.7%.   We are in contact with colleges in October and June to ensure that our students’ needs are still being met.

Social and cultural

The academy enrichment days and school visits gave our Pupil Premium students the opportunity to engage in activities that would build their social experiences and provided opportunities that would not otherwise have been available to them, including 4 students travelling to Kenya as part of a charitable visit to assist in the building of schools and providing a better quality of life for children.

The Academy runs subsidised trips for PP students which play a large role in ensuring they receive the social and cultural education which may not otherwise have been provided.

Trips include visits to Cambridge University and Oxford University to raise students’ aspirations.

PP students were also given the opportunity to participate in The Brilliant Club.

Free music tuition also provides the opportunity for students to extend their cultural experiences.  They are offered the full range of instruments to choose from and are also offered the opportunity to gain music qualifications.