Maths Revison

OCA Maths Resource Collection

Each of these links takes you to a useful website or tool to use for Maths Revision.

Click on the titles for each section for a direct link.

Hegarty Maths
You should be familiar with this already. Hundreds of hours of video examples and questions on almost every maths topic you can think of. All pupils at OCA have access to this resource – If you can’t remember your username or password email your class teacher to reset it for you.

BBC Bitesize
Exam board content from BBC Bitesize for students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales. At OCA we are with the exam board ‘Edexcel’

Superstar Maths
A growing collection of instructional maths videos on Youtube, created by the Head of Department at OCA.

Maths Genie

GCSE Revision videos, exam style questions and solutions split into topic and grade.

Corbett Maths 5-a-day
A collection of questions & answers updated daily! 5 questions a day split into 5 different difficulty levels. Could be perfect if you’re aiming for 15 minutes of maths revision daily.

Mathsbot: Differentiated Questions
Generates a set of differentiated questions on your chosen topic. Answers can be revealed individually by clicking on the tiles or by using the ‘Show Answers’ button.

Mathsbot: GCSE Revision Grid
This is amazing! Generates the longer form, wordy GCSE Questions, which you can filter by topic or go for a random selection. You can ever choose your tier (Foundation or Higher) and whether you want calculator or non calculator questions.

Mathsbot: GCSE Practice Papers
At the risk of repeating myself, this too is amazing. You can generate GCSE practice papers of any length you want, with questions from any given subject area, and the answers are included.

Mathsbot: Quick Question Generator
Choose the topic, choose the time limit, choose the number of questions, the difficulty, pretty much anything you want. It is a race against the clock!

Mathsbot: Topic Ladder
A set of interactive questions designed to be answered by you on a tablet or computer. Each topic ladder can be easily differentiated to suit your own needs.

Maths Made Easy Topic Revision
An excellent collection of resources split by topic, level and tier. Includes videos, worksheets, mock tests and interactive answers.

Save My Exams GCSE Topics
A large collection of questions for every GCSE topic you can think of. Works really well when revising a topic you have recently learnt in class.

AceYourExams on Tiktok
QuickLearnAcademy on Tiktok
Benthetutor on TikTokĀ 
Quick Maths Tips on Tiktok
Mathically Tutors on Tiktok

Each of these accounts are full of topic examples and walk-throughs of maths GCSE exam papers (remember, we are with Edexcel!). I highly recommend following each of these! They sometimes have some alternative ways of approaching certain topics that you may prefer.