PE Remote Learning

Here are some useful tips, suggestions and challenges that your child can be utilising at home during the school closure to help maintain a minimum of 2 hours a week worth of physical activity:

Physical Activity Videos:

Use the link below to access Joe Wicks Body Coach TV where there are lots of different at home workouts to try.

At home circuits to try:

Here are some useful tips on how to complete an at home workout:

  • Create a big enough space of about 2m by 2m to complete your workout in.
  • Write down your exercise stations on a piece of paper before you begin your workout.
  • Complete each station for a minimum of 20seconds and up to a maximum 50 seconds.
  • Vary the body parts you are using to ensure you hit all muscles of your body.
  • Depending on how fit you’re feeling / difficult the circuit is, will depend how long you give yourself as rest in between each station. Anything between 10-30 seconds is ideal.
  • Remember to work at a high intensity when completing your exercises.


Here are some challenges you can push yourself to attempt and achieve during lockdown:

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