Ormiston Chadwick is committed to working closely with parents to ensure students succeed and enjoy their life in school.

Progress reports are sent home at the end of each half term. These include details of how your child is progressing across all of their subjects. Parents will also have the opportunity to meet with their child’s form tutor in the transition process and then meet with key staff early on in the first term in a ‘settling in’ evening. A further parents evening takes place later in the year where parents are invited to meet all subject staff.

Our partnership is not through parents evenings and regular reports alone. We encourage our parents to become involved in Academy life through the Parent Voice Group, through attendance at our many community events, acting as volunteers or giving time as ‘experts’ in your fields to further enrich the lives of our students.

Understanding Relationships, Sex and Health Education at your child’s secondary school: a guide for parents:

RSE secondary schools guide for parents

Parents Home-Academy Agreement

As a Parent/Carer I/we will:

  • ensure that my child attends the Academy regularly and on time and inform the Academy when my child is ill or has an appointment which will keep them away from Academy
  • ensure that my child is properly equipped for Academy
  • support and help my child with their education as and when I/we can and tell the Academy when my child has a success or a concern to share
  • encourage my child to meet the challenges set and to do the best that they can, ask my child about their Academy work and what they have learnt
  • support the Academy’s Code of Conduct and share responsibility for the Academy community
  • whenever possible come to Parent/Carer Evenings
  • set aside somewhere for my child to complete their homework and to check that it has been completed
  • check and sign the student planner each week
  • give and pass on accurate information relating to my child



At Ormiston Chadwick Academy we use Schoolcomms to communicate via email and text messages with parents and carers. By downloading the School Gateway app on your iPhone or Android phone you are able to receive these messages as alerts and reply to them, this has the added benefit of saving the Academy money on text messages.

The other added advantage of using either the School Gateway, either via the app or at, is that you can see your child’s attendance, timetable and achievements as well as make secure payments for trips. This facility has already proved popular with a lot of parents and carers, if you haven’t already logged on, do it today and help us get to our target of 50% of parents using the app.

Social Media Code of Conduct for Parents

Halton Association of Secondary Headteachers urges parents/carers to uphold the ‘Social Media Code of Conduct’ to support their child’s secondary school in ensuring students, staff and other members of the school community are protected.

Social Media Code of Conduct for Parents

School Closure Process:

If it becomes necessary to close the Academy due to bad weather or an unexpected event we will endeavour to communicate this decision via the following methods:

  • SMS messages to parents/carers
  • Telephone calls to parents who cannot receive SMS messages – only if the closure is during the school day.
  • Posts on Twitter, Facebook and this website
  • Inform local radio stations
  • Inform the Local Authority and Ormiston Academies Trust

Useful information:


Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school


Edulink One –   an online portal which allows you to view important information regarding your child’s attendance, homework and punctuality to lessons, their achievement and behaviour at school, student timetable and their academic progress throughout the school year.

Trip Consent Form

Dates and Times


Jargon Buster

Parents Evening Booking

DfE Performance Tables

Photography and Videos Consent Form


Smoothwall Digital Safety Pack for Parents

Net Aware is the UK’s only parents’ guide to 39 of the most popular social media sites, apps, and games used by young people. The guide is informed by 1,696 children and young people and 674 parents and guardians.

Please publicise Net Aware to parents and stress the importance of parents being involved and monitoring their child’s on-line presence.

Mental Health: Exam Stress

Exam stress and pressure – Childline resource – click here 

How to do well in exams and have a social life .. clip (you tube) appropriate for teens  click here

Feedback from parents


“Thank you for the advice! We will be sure to check monitor our daughter’s use of social networking sites in future.”

“The information on Progress 8 was really enlightening! I get it now!”

“Thank you for the effort you went to! The advice on literacy was much appreciated and I’ll take on board the strategies offered when encouraging my son to read.”

“The personalised Gifted & Talented targets are great! Thanks a lot!”