April 28, 2020

Year 10 Notice for Parents

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe. I am writing to you to highlight the importance of the coming year for students currently in year 10. As we have seen with our class of 2020, we are entering very uncertain times. Therefore, it is extremely important that students in year 10 do not fall behind in their studies. As you are probably aware by now, this year exams have been cancelled for year 11 and they will receive grades based on predictions. This will be provided by various evidence such as mock exam results, class teacher assessments, home learning as well as attitudes to learning. Teachers at Chadwick are working tirelessly to ensure that work is set daily and I want to thank those students that have shown thus far, their commitment to their learning and have accessed and submitted work. There are, however, a number of students who have still not accessed any of their work. These students we will be contacting you individually about.

As Principal of OCA, I cannot stress enough to you, the importance of a good education in providing future opportunities for your children. The Department for Education classes about one in four state school pupils as disadvantaged, defined as having been eligible for free school meals within the five years before sitting GCSEs or, if they have ever been in care or adopted from care. At Ormiston Chadwick, this figure is one in two children with 50% of the school population classed as disadvantaged. This brings with it challenges, especially for your children in this current climate whereby they are not receiving the face to face classroom teaching so many of us for so long have taken for granted.

Whilst two-thirds of non-disadvantaged students achieve a grade 4 or higher in maths and English, just 36% of those eligible for free school meals did so in the data released by the department for education this year.

At Ormiston Chadwick, it has always been our mission to improve the life chances of young people who are disadvantaged by providing them with an excellent standard of education. Our results have demonstrated that we can compete with the very best schools in the country and make a real difference to our pupils. However, it cannot be us the teachers who do all of the work. I therefore ask for your support in ensuring that your child is completing the work set for them at this time. All students have access to support from their teachers between the hours of 9am and 3pm.

Whilst this may seem like a nice holiday for a 15 year old teenager right now, what this actually could represent is 350 hours of lost learning time before they even reach year 11.

Therefore, please can I ask that you encourage your child to complete the work set for them, as failure to do so will only hinder their future. If you are struggling with supporting your child with their school work, we will ask for further details shortly in a survey to parents and try to offer you some further support and advice.

Yours sincerely

Mrs J Lowry-Johnson


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