We have been informed that the external organisation we use to let out our facilities more widely to the local community, School Lettings Solutions, has gone into administration. A copy of the announcement we received is at the bottom of this page.

For any queries or correspondence relating to prior letting agreements, we would encourage you to contact Fortis Insolvency, we will post further contact details when we receive them.

As a school which is deeply rooted in the local community, it is very important to us that we are able to offer our facilities for the benefit of the wider community as we understand how valued this provision is amongst local residents.

As a result, we are exploring all possible avenues to get an alternative arrangement in place as soon as possible and we will be continuing to support and work closely with the community groups to achieve this.


Announcement from School Lettings Solutions to Ormiston Chadwick Academy on Friday 31st July, received at 3:26pm:


The extremely difficult decision has been reached to place SLS into administration and close the business.

When the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were introduced in March, overnight we lost our ability to generate income as we were no longer able to hire your facilities to the teams, clubs and community groups we work with.

We responded by trying to protect the business by taking advantage of the furlough scheme for our 1,100 staff. However, it soon became apparent that the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the government, particularly in relation to the use of sports and indoor facilities, would not be resolved quickly.

Applications were made for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), which was designed to help companies like us. Unfortunately, we were unable to access any funds as we could not find a lender to support.

During the last three months we tried every route to find a way through. With the furlough scheme ending in the coming months, and the unsuccessful CBILS applications, we needed to consider SLS’s future.

Without a timescale for when the business may be able to restart, we had to reach the decision to close the business. We accept at times recently our communication as a company hasn’t been as it could have been but we were guided by the legal and commercial advice we were taking during this difficult time.

We saw our relationship as a true partnership and want to offer a heartfelt thank you for the support you and your staff have given us during the time we have worked together.

It is difficult to overlook the contribution of the SLS team, helping more than 25 million people in the last year access facilities via SLS and the fact that over the last eight years their efforts saw our partner schools and colleges raise over £20m in additional funds – something we will always be extremely proud of.

In the coming days, the administrators Fortis Insolvency will be in contact with more details about your next steps.

Without Covid-19 and the pandemic things would have been hugely different and we are thankful for having the opportunity of having worked with you.