Remote Enrichment

At OCA, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities to bring learning to life through the curriculum and beyond. In these uncertain times, it remains our mission to ensure there really is something for everyone through the activities and opportunities that Enrichment provides, allowing us to make the biggest difference to the lives of all of our students by laying the foundations to encourage a successful future.

Enrichment is vitally important to develop student’s transferable skills beyond their academic lessons, as well as developing their cultural, moral, spiritual and social strengths further – something potential employers and universities look for.

We understand how difficult Lockdown can be for us all at times and it is our aim to continue to provide a range of high-quality activities and challenges that students and members of our OCA community can engage with and participate in. The idea is to complete and try a range of enrichment activities, some may be a new experience and some may be a continuation of an interest or passion – whilst having some fun along the way! Use the links below to access some of the different activities and opportunities available to try, as well as accessing certain activities through Teams.

We would love to see as many different activities as possible! Send your completed activities, including photographs to [email protected]

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