KS4 (Years 9 – 11)

Core subjects

Core subjects such as English and Maths are taught to all pupils for 5 periods each week. If students follow the triple Science pathway they will be taught Maths for 4 periods. If they follow the Trilogy Science pathway, they will be taught Maths for 5 periods. Science is taught for 4 periods unless students are on the triple pathway in which case they are taught for 6 periods. PE has 1 period each week. We also have a Sports Science Curriculum which combines PE and Science, students will have 1 period of this per week. Students work on their BTEC sports studies qualification as well as covering some key topics of the Biology curriculum. After Year 9 students are then given one period a week to complete BTEC Business Studies. We believe that the financial planning and employability units are essential for all of our students and complements their learning in the ‘Achieve Economic well-being’ strand of the ECM programme. We also use this time for students to continue to gain necessary ICT skills to flourish as 21st century citizens, regardless of their pathway.

All students are able to opt for the qualifications to achieve the English Baccalaureate qualification and have between 2 and 3 periods per week in their option subjects.

All students are able to fill all slots in the Progress 8 buckets.


We are operating a pathways approach where students are guided towards a pathway which is most suited to their academic ability. We operate 3 pathways at present, each pathway has a different core package where the level and type of qualification is suited to the learners’ ability. There is also flexibility within this and pupils are able to move onto different qualifications depending on progress and attainment. We have ensured that our Key Stage 4 curriculum has a range of applied subjects within it to ensure students have the right courses available to engage them and prepare them for adult life and the world of work and careers.

We pride ourselves on the large range of options available to our students available in their free option choices 2 and 3. Our current option choices are;

Art: Fine Art
Business Studies GCSE
Computer Science
Catering (BTEC)
3D Design
Industry Skills (Engineering Motor vehicle and construction)
Art: Fashion and Textile Design
Art: Graphics
Animal Care
Hair and Beauty
Music Technology

Purple Pathway

(Triple Science Pathway)

Gold Pathway


Red Pathway


English/Literature GCSEs English / Literature GCSE English / Literature GCSE
Maths GCSE Maths GCSE Maths GCSE
Triple Science – Biology/Chemistry/Physics Core & Additional Science Core & Additional Science
Geography/History/French or Spanish Geography/History/French or Spanish Geography GCSE
Option 2 (currently 9 choices) Option 2 (currently 9 choices) Option 2 (currently 9 choices)
Option 3 (currently 9 choices) Option 3 (currently 9 choices) Option 3 (currently 9 choices)
BTEC Sport Studies BTEC Sport Studies BTEC Sport Studies
BTEC Business Studies BTEC Business Studies BTEC Business Studies

Where necessary we will also create an Apprenticeship or Alternative Provision pathway to provide select pupils with the opportunity to take part in a relevant work experience package which is closely related to the courses they have opted for.

BTEC Policies