KS3 (Years 7 & 8)

Many of our students enter Year 7 with depressed literacy levels, consequently there has had to be a huge focus on developing literacy skills early to ensure students can access the wider curriculum and achieve exam success as they progress through school. We will use the ARK Mastery programme to impact upon all areas of the English curriculum. All students will also be issued with a reading log.

We offer our students a broad and varied curriculum which ensures all students have access to a range of subjects including the Humanities, Performing Arts and IT.

Below is the weekly allocation of periods for each subject. There will be 2 equivalent bands in Year 7 with some students having additional English and Maths delivered in a nurture environment.

C and O Band:

English 5 Periods
Maths 5 Periods
Science 3 Periods
Sports Science 1 Periods
Technology 1 Period
Geography 1 Period
History 1 Period
Humanities Skills 1 Period
PE 2 Periods
Art 1 Period
Music 1 Period
Drama 1 Period
Dance  1 Period
Spanish  1 Period

Every Child Matters PSHEE Curriculum (Years 7-11)

PSHEE, RE and Citizenship are delivered to pupils by form tutors who see pupils for 20 minutes each morning. One of these sessions is a current affairs/literacy lesson. We also have an ECM day each term which is a curriculum breakdown day where students work on various projects to develop their awareness of the ECM agenda. These activities combined form our ECM curriculum.

Each child in the school also has an academic mentor who they meet regularly as part of this curriculum to discuss targets, progress, achievements and issues.