Opportunities Outside the Classroom/Culture Capital

Students have opportunities to develop their cultural capital through trips, visitors to the school and participation in national events.

  • Live performances of literature texts: Year 10 and year 11 students watched a live performance of A Christmas Carol enhancing their knowledge of a GCSE English Literature text and classic English novel. Students have also watched a live stage performance of Romeo and Juliet via weblink alongside a national audience.
  • Poetry Live! in Manchester: This trip deepened KS4 students’ knowledge of Power and Conflict poetry for GCSE English Literature. Poets – including the Poet Laureate – performed, discussed their work and inspiration and took part in interactive Q&A sessions. Students witnessed poetry brought to life and realised there is entertainment and humour in what they may have otherwise considered a dry and difficult form of literature.
  • Residential trip to Beeston: This trip for year 11 students will provide intensive revision as well as teamwork and social skills.
  • Visit to a Victorian workhouse: This trip for year 7 students develops knowledge of Victorian England and cultivates empathy for the treatment of the poor and most vulnerable members of society.
  • Poetry Slam: A creative and competitive event where students write and perform their own poetry inspired by a local poet.
  • Celebration of national literary events: Events such as World Book Day and National Poetry Day are celebrated and lessons on this day are designed to inspire students to read or be creative within school, outside of school or outside of the curriculum.
  • Library facilities: All of our students have access to the facilities in the library where they can choose to read fiction or non-fiction, or use the computers to complete homework or further study. Year 7 and year 8 students have one dedicated lesson per fortnight in the library. Displays of current events, such as Remembrance Day, point students towards relevant material to enrich their knowledge and pursue current affairs and interests.