Work Experience

Dates for Work Experience are as follows:

Phase 1 –  Wednesday 6 February to Friday 8 February 2019


Phase 2 –  Wednesday 27 March – Friday 29 March 2019


Year 10 Step by Step Guide to Work Experience

  1. Year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in work experience during this academic year. The dates are as stated above.
  2. Placements can be between one and three days in length.
  3. Students are encouraged to independently research and enquire about placement opportunities.
  4. Placements should relate to career interests and the curriculum choices that you have made.
  5. All students are expected to complete a ‘Career Aspirations’ form, this will be given to you by your form tutor. I strongly recommend that each student gives as much information as possible on this form, this in turn will allow me to research and possibly assist you in acquiring a placement.
  6. Students should look to secure the most beneficial placement possible. Do not take the easy option.
  7. Once a placement is secured, please come to me for the necessary paperwork to be completed.

Please check your school email, I have provided you with a CV / Cover Letter template to help you should you wish to contact an employer.

If you have any queries, please call to my office to see me.

Mrs Hayes

Careers / Work Experience Co-ordinator


A work experience placement enables students to develop their employability skills and helps them to think about jobs they could do in the future. All students at Ormiston Chadwick Academy have the opportunity to go on a work experience placement during Year 10. Mrs Hayes will assist students with obtaining a placement. Students/parents can also arrange their own placement (self-placement forms are available from Mrs Hayes from September of Year 10 onwards).

Speedworks Motorsport is a British motor racing team based in Sandbach, Cheshire, I went to Speedworks Motorsport to work with their team of mechanics for my work experience, I found the whole experience to be a fantastic opportunity. I got to learn how a motorworks team really operates behind the scenes. I will never forget my experience at Speedworks it has helped me to establish my future career possibilities. NICOLE FLETCHER

I had a fantastic opportunity to undertake my work experience as an ‘Assistant Chef’ at The Quarter Restaurant in the Hope Street area of Liverpool. On arrival the staff were friendly, helpful and patient. I learned new techniques in relation to food preparation. The chain also own 60 Hope Street and Host Restaurant and I was given the opportunity to spend time in each resaurant and experience first-hand the running of the kitchens. I would highly commend The Quarter Restaurant, the food is freshly prepared, it has a really good atmosphere and the staff are helpful and friendly. RYAN MCINTOSH


VINCI Construction UK is a national construction and facilities company. Undertaking my work Experience at Vinci Construction really helped me clarify my thoughts about my future. Steven Bowen, Quantity Surveyor on site did a great job of making me feel welcome as did the rest of the team. I feel I have a reasonable insight into the role of a Quantity Surveyor, I could easily have stayed for longer had I not had serious work to return to at school, however if I could, I would definitely go back again. EMILY BROWN

My work experience was at the Cheshire Fire Safety HQ in Winsford. The amount of different things we did were amazing. I learned so much and I was only there for a week! It was a spectacular experience and I would love to work in that line of work. I may even look to become a firefighter. TASH STANKAVITCH

Best experience ever! I learned so many new skills and had an amazing time at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Headquarters. SIAN DAVIES


I really enjoyed working in a radio station. It gave me the confidence to talk to people and I learned me how research and prepare questions in advance of interviewing guests. I now know what a radio station really looks and works like. I really love music so I had an awesome time. I am hoping to do some voluntary work at the station on a Saturday. ELLIE UNSWORTH


Work experience at Santander was an insightful event, we got to see the flipside of a bank and the business workings that go into running it. Working in different areas of the bank meant that we got to experience a taste of different job roles. We particularly enjoyed ‘Business Banking’ as this allowed us to interact with the customer. CHLOE ROSS & CHARLEIGH HUGHES


Cerys Hodson worked at The Liverpool School of English in May this year and while she was here displayed maturity, a willingness to work in isolation and as part of a team. Her confidence grew by the day.

Cerys has a good ‘attention to detail’ and was never afraid to ask questions. She spent time working in the International Operations department and also observed some of our English classes.

Later in the summer we invited Cerys to volunteer as a Student Ambassador at our International Summer School during the summer holiday; which she did and I am sure will be back in future years.

Cerys’s placement is a wonderful example of how this programme can work for both student and company.

Cerys’s qualities have helped her achieve beyond our expectations for someone so young. She is a very bright young lady who smiles her way through the day and is a pleasure to have around.

I wish Cerys the very best for her future and I am sure we will see Cerys again very soon.