At OCA we have various effective ways of delivering information and advice to students, parents and careers.

On the OCA website we have dedicated sections which outline pathways, options, support and guidance for each year group for students, parents and careers. When they access the website, they can go directly to the CEIAG sections which leads them to all the links we have for careers.

We outline the role of careers connect and when we will embed virtual or face to face sessions with a qualified careers advisor. We outline student destinations figures and explain the methods we put in place to provide each individual with relevant up to date LMI and how we will identify a clear pathway for each individual needs and goals.

  • We have a dedicated section that shows the local education providers and included is a link to their website and we also promote all of their open evening and events through our career’s social media page and through the website. During the first half term we will be replacing our scheduled careers fair with a virtual version which will provide students, parents and careers with an in-depth knowledge of colleges, universities, apprenticeship options and more. This will be made available through the website and will be promoted through our social media.
  • We include an overview of how we meet the Gatsby benchmarks for each year group. This is displayed in a table outlining the events, assemblies and lessons that will be embedded throughout the year to meet the benchmarks. There is a section highlighting our OCA management structure and the involvement and position of each member of the team. This highlights the responsibilities of all staff from teaching and support staff to ML and SLT.
  • There is access the careers guidance and education training manual which is supplied by the department of education, this outlines what is expected of us as a school, we have partnered this up with the relevant documentation to show how we are actioning this as a school.
  • To show the impact of the careers programme at OCA we display the key factors that highlight the success of our approach. This includes destination success, survey results, case studies and other relevant evidence which identifies the successful outcome of our programme. We get the parents involved throughout their child’s education by getting them to complete surveys to measure the success of our communication and links with them directly. These are also displayed to on the website to show the success of the parent programme. This leads into our dedicated parents and carers section of the website. To ensure we are providing relevant up to date support, we have created a range of parent and Career Ebooks. This is packed with support material to help them provide relevant and key support from their side. There is one for each year group and the information is specific to that year groups stage of learning. As they move into KS4 the focus changes and the information become more direct. From KS4 the interaction with parents becomes greater as we plan for their individual career plans.
  • Our staff play a vital part in making sure our students receive the best information, guidance and advice required throughout their careers journey. Each student works with a personal mentor who is responsible for tracking progress and ensuring they receive up to date knowledge linked to the latest LMI and college entry requirements. All subject leads provide a detailed overview on how they link their curriculum to careers and this is displayed for students and parents to access through the website.
  • LMI information is shared with the students and displayed in classrooms and online through social media every three months. This information is embedded in lesson when staff share the latest statistics on popular job roles and future career ideas linked to that subject.
  • For now, we are in hope that our work experience for year 10 will be going ahead and we will continue to secure a placement for the 2022 cohort but we are also putting a plan in place for virtual experiences. The careers lead will be looking at availability throughout the year and we will be doing a data collection on the year 10 students to assess their career aspirations then we can try to match this to a virtual experience. Parents will be updated on the changes as we move into 2022.

Designated CEIAG Lead

Named CEIAG Lead: Nikki Johnson
Role: Assistant Principal of Aspiration and Achievement
Email address: johnsonn@ocacademy.co.uk
Phone number: 0151 424 5038

Careers Co-ordinator: Sarah Martindale

Email Address: martindales@ocacademy.co.uk

Date of next review

The CEIAG programme and policy will be reviewed annually.

Date of next review – July 2020

Certificate of Commitment to ‘The Quality in Careers Standard Award’