Enrichment/Intervention Opportunities

Enrichment/Extra Curricular

The Art department regularly runs an after school art club on Thursdays until 4.00pm. This is attended by Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils, whatever their ability. This year, the Year 7 Art Club designed the school Christmas card during the Art Club, whilst the Year 11 pupils began work on their Externally Set (exam) papers.

Educational visits include The Clothes Show Live at the Birmingham NEC for Textile pupils, the Manchester Art Gallery, the Manchester University Degree Show and art experiences at local colleges such as the Priestley College in Warrington. There are also additional trips to London to see the national galleries and residential courses at the Conway Centre.

Local primary school enjoyed an Arts Festival where pupils came to school to experience a jam-packed day of making cupcakes from materials and threads in Art, Drama produced a caption of the popular film, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Music provided stunning performances of musical talent.

The art department provides opportunities for pupils to experience workshops with artists and practitioners such as a Graffiti artist working with Year 8 and a local artist working with Year 10.