Career Links

Career Links:

At OCA, we strongly believe that careers education is a vital aspect of our curriculum. In Art, we aim to broaden our pupils’ idea of the opportunities available to them post-16. In order to do this, we:

– Ensure the Gatsby benchmark is implemented across all year groups and all students have access to high quality careers opportunities, advice and guidance. The Gatsby Benchmark will be embedded into the curriculum throughout all year groups.

– Trips and gallery visits to appropriate sources that relate to the Schemes of Learning such as the Tate gallery, Liverpool World Museum that will also be cross curricular

– Career checkpoints in lessons such as Year 8 Insects project suggestion of Entomologist, year 9 Graphic designers, illustrators, fashion designers, gallery curators.

– Organise visits to both the University of Liverpool/University of Manchester to experience degree shows

– Arrange visits from artists and illustrators, fashion designers to do workshops

– Offer careers advice for pupils during the options process to guide/support in decision making

– Maintain our MFL careers board giving a wide range of career opportunities and the qualifications required

Enrichment/Intervention Opportunities:

– Art provides enrichment activities at art and textiles clubs, intervention sessions are tailored for all age and year groups. We also provide the opportunity to attend a residential for key stage 4 students.