At Ormiston Chadwick Academy, our curriculum is at the heart of everything we do. We set high expectations to ensure that every pupil excels across all aspects of academy life.  Our intention is to ensure pupils make outstanding progress and that the curriculum removes any potential barriers to learning. We want our pupils to leave with knowledge and skills which will not only create excellent life opportunities but will also prepare them exceptionally well for life beyond the academy.

We believe that a carefully planned. structured and inter-disciplinary curriculum is the foundation upon which excellent learning and development is built. The curriculum is designed and implemented in such a way that it builds on prior knowledge from KS2; subject leaders use the national curriculum at KS2 as a starting point to build on at KS3. This prepares pupils for the next stage in their education. This ensures that lessons are engaging and suitably differentiated so that pupils spend time in lessons working at their level of ability through a range of pyramid and linear learning processes.

Curriculum Model 2020-21 and beyond

This model takes a thematic approach and is based on a 25-lesson week with 5 lessons each day: each lesson will be 65 minutes in length. We have an additional enrichment period at the end of each day where students have the opportunity to participate in a choice of additional activities ranging from academic intervention and support for their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

It is our expectation that every member of staff offers an enrichment activity once a week. This does not have to be in their own subject area, we find that the best enrichments come from staff who are truly passionate about what they are delivering be that oriental cooking, table-tennis or making jewellery.



Please click on the links below for more detail about each subject’s individual curriculum plan. If you would like to request more information on any aspect of the school’s curriculum then please contact the Associate Vice Principal for the Curriculum, Miss N Johnson on [email protected]