Year 9

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The Year 9 team consists of 7 forms. These are:


9ADN – Miss Doran

9AWY – Mr Winstanley

9CDY – Mrs O’ Doherty

9IPO – Miss Parra

9NBK – Miss Beck

9RMT – Mr Mallett

9YGY – Mrs Guy


Head of Year – DLS – Mr Lewis



Welcome to Key Stage 4


This is the start of the most important journey students have made in school so far, their journey to GCSE success. In Year 8 students were involved in the options process, where they selected their courses for Key Stage 4. All students in Year 9 will study Maths, English, Science, Business/ ICT & PE. Year 9 students will then follow three different pathways: Purple, Gold & Red. Students on each pathway have different option choices.


We are looking forward to seeing students in Year 9 progress academically and also socially and emotionally during this school year. It is vital that students recognise the importance of building excellent working relationships that they can use at college, university and their chosen workplace.


Another clear target for Year 9 is that of attendance. There is clear correlation between progress in school and attendance to school. All of Year 9 should be working towards 100% attendance and must meet the academy target of 97% attendance.


Within lessons Year 9 students will strive towards achieving outstanding attitude to learning grades across the curriculum whilst working towards and beyond their progress targets. Each week a member of each form will receive a praise phone call from their form tutor with further rewards such as extended breakfast with form tutors happening on a termly basis.


Students in Year 9 are also encouraged to supplement their learning in school by attending enrichment and intervention opportunities. As the students move into Year 10 they will have the opportunity to become prefects. I urge all of Year 9 to begin taking on leadership roles within their lessons and around the academy in preparation for these prestigious roles.


Year 9 – Enjoy all the wonderful learning opportunities that will be offered to you this year.

Mr Lewis

If you need to contact Mr Lewis, please contact 0151 424 5038 or email