Year 8

Head of Year:

Miss Glover

Assistant Head of Year:

Ms Owen

Form Tutors:

8HBE- Mrs Bridge

8KAR- Miss Archer

8HKW- Miss Killigrew

8JWH-Mr Walsh

8NRL- Mrs Randall

8HPN- Miss Paton

8KON- Ms Owen with Mrs Baxter

8JWY- Miss Wooley

This is an excellent and experienced team of staff who are here to help you as you continue your journey through OCA. Year 8 is both exciting and challenging.  There is much to look forward to including choosing your first set of micro options to expanding your education even further through more challenging and diverse work. During this year, you will find yourself growing into more mature student both inside your school setting and personally. The pastoral team we are able to listen and offer advice and guidance to help you meet the challenges.

I look forward to seeing the students thrive this year both in their option subjects and the core. I have witnessed true commitment and dedication to independent studies and I am very proud to be the Head of this studious and passionate year group. We are a hard working team and every member of the team is valuable. I can’t wait to continue this journey together.


This year is about you making the best possible progress you can. You will be continuing to prepare towards high level work and this will be another challenging step towards your GCSEs.

There will be assemblies from a range of topics and careers guidance. Mrs Johnson is always available for any further information you require.

There is also a comprehensive enrichment programme – details below.


There is a comprehensive enrichment programme for all students to access. We thrive to enable our students to have some of the best opportunities possible and encourage students to attend enrichments as they provide valuable experiences for students. Please see Mr Brown for more information and guidance. I would love to see every student get involved with an enrichment activity. I, as the Head of Year, will too be there to support where possible, whether it’s cheering on from the side lines of the football pitch or showing off my dance moves with the school production.


Attendance is vital this year – missed lessons will have a serious detrimental impact on individual progress. As a result all students should aim for at least 97% attendance and if possible 100%. Similarly punctuality is crucially important. Students need to equip themselves with the skills that employers value such as good punctuality.


School life is not just about academic success. It is also about becoming a positive member of society who improves the lives of others around them. I am proud of the role year 8 play in our school. They are excellent role models to our younger students who are transitioning from primary to secondary school and the positive way staff and students talk about them is testimony to this. I would like to see the year 8 students to continue to be kind and approachable young people who want to support our school community.


  • Achieve 97% or higher in terms of attendance.
  • Attend enrichment activities.
  • Know your target scores and set yourself targets to improve this.

I have extremely high expectations and aim to ensure that every child in Year 8 is happy and meets their full potential.


If you need to contact Miss B Glover, please contact the school office or email [email protected]