Year 7


Hello! We are Miss House and Mr Young, Heads of Year 7. We work alongside our KS3 Pastoral Leader, Miss Roberts, who works closely with our primary schools, spending a lot of time ensuring your child/children has a smooth transition into year 7. Together, we understand that transition can be a scary time, not just for the students, but also for the parents and carers, so together we ensure that your child/children are well-equipped and ready to start at the academy.



As Heads of Year, we have extremely high expectations:

  • All students in Year 7 will attend at least one enrichment activity per week.
  • All students in Year 7 will be invited to attend a reward trip.
  • Year 7 attendance will be at least 97%
  • Behaviour within the year group will be impeccable
  • All Year 7 students are set individual academic targets to reach by the end of year and these are designed to stretch and challenge each individual.


Year 7 is a very important year group. It is in Year 7 when your child will be guided by their Form Tutor, subject teachers, as well as us to become independent learners. They will learn to take responsibility for their class work and home learning with the support of parents and carers. Year 7 is when new friendships are formed, new hobbies are found via enrichment and favourite subjects are discovered. We both look forward to starting a new journey with your child this year.

It is important that your child attends the many enrichment opportunities available at OCA. Your child will find that there is always at least one activity occurring after school each day whether it be sport related, academic or something to help your child enjoy their time here.

Form Tutors:


7HYS – Miss Yates

7MSH – Miss Sutch

7HOD – Miss Ouldred

7LBK – Miss Bishoprick

7BGR – Miss Glover

7ASM – Miss Sanchez Motos

7LML – Miss McNeil

If you need to contact any of us, we can be contacted at:


Miss House –

Mr Young –

Miss Roberts –