Prefect & Student Leadership

Connor KingsleyAchieve Economic Well-being Ambassador

Student Responsibility
Morgan Mills Head Girl
Kieran Ray Head Boy
Caitlin Preston Deputy Head Girl
Liam Keenan Deputy Head Boy
Aimee Smith Chair of School Council
Sutton House Leader
Parry House Leader
Malala House Leader
Simmonds House Leader
Humanities Ambassador
Alanna Lynch Sports Ambassador
Enjoy & Achieve Ambassador
Arts Ambassador
KS3 Enrichment Ambassador
KS4 Enrichment Ambassador
Make a Positive Contribution Ambassador
Communications Ambassador
Anti-bullying Ambassador
 School Council Members

Student Council 2015 to 2016


Name Form Student House
Cavan Aldred 11NDR Malala
Caitlin Anchor 11ADE Sutton
Quinn Anfield 11MMY Simmonds
Joe Ashton 11ADE Sutton
Megan Barnes 11FBY Parry
Joseph Bird 11NDR Malala
Adam Bridge 11FBY Parry
Emily Buckley 11EMN Simmonds
Andrew Craig 11MMY Simmonds
Charlotte Davies 11FBY Parry
Dean Donaldson 11HYS Malala
James Dougherty 11MMY Simmonds
Jodie Doyle 11HYS Malala
Mollie Durkin 11ADE Sutton
Rebecca Farrell 11MMY Simmonds
Charlotte Hawley 11FBY Parry
Lucy Hegarty 11NDR Malala
Lauren Helsby 11HYS Malala
Rachel Hughes 11MMY Simmonds
Aidan Jackson 11HYS Malala
Jessica Jones-Cannon 11ADE Sutton
Liam Keenan 11FBY Parry
Lauren Kelly 11ADE Sutton
Rebecca Lam 11EMN Simmonds
Joshua Law-Holland 11ADE Sutton
Alanna Lynch 11FBY Parry
Kelseigh Marmion 11NDR Malala
Thomas Mcdonnell 11HYS Malala
Morgan Mills 11EMN Simmonds
Hannah O’connor 11HYS Malala
Caitlan Owen 11FBY Parry
Joe Parkinson 11NDR Malala
Clara Parr 11FBY Parry
Charlie Pearsall 11FBY Parry
Caitlin Preston 11EMN Simmonds
Kieran Ray 11FBY Parry
Aimee Smith 11ADE Sutton
Grace spencer 11ADE Sutton
Chelsea Still 11ADE Sutton
Poppi Sugden-Brown 11HYS Malala
Meghan Sumner 11EMN Simmonds
Laura Thomasson 11FBY Parry
Jake Threlfall 11ADE Sutton
Emma Tunney 11FBY Parry
Dartel Katie Van 11FBY Parry
Kerry Vose 11NDR Malala
Jack Ward 11HYS Malala
Liam Williamson 11NDR Malala
Harry Wynne 11ADE Sutton


Student Council

The school council continues to grow at OCA. Students have elected the school council for 2015-2016 through the democratic process outlined below:

1. The chair of the School Council leads assemblies at the start of the year detailing the vision of the School Council in order to generate student interest to join the School Council.
2. Students who are interested then put their name forward to be elected onto the School Council. In order to do this students must write a speech detailing why they should be elected and what they will do to improve the learning environment at OCA.
3. Candidates then take part in hustings during year group assemblies. All students at OCA are then given the opportunity to vote for who they would like to elect as their year group School Council members.
Once the School Council has been established the members meet each half term to discuss any ideas and issues that they put forward for the agenda. These ideas and issues are collected through the year group members of the School Council who liaise with the form representatives to generate the view point of the school population. The chair of the School Council takes the minutes of the meeting and sends these to the Principal to read before distributing them to the rest of the students and staff at school.
On Friday 20th November 2015 the School Council attended Halton Schools Question Time. Here they met Derek Twigg, MP and posed a number of interesting Questions to local stakeholders in Halton. The experience allowed the Student Council to meet local MPs and councillors and get an insight into the key issues to be tackled in the area. 2

In addition to Halton Schools Question Time 2015 saw OCA develop a new ‘Debate Team’. The team competed in the, ‘Halton Schools Mayoral Debates 2015’. In preparation for this the team attended a day’s debate training before taking part in the event. On the night the team debated the key issues surrounding the motions:

  1. “Public transport should be cheap, available and accessible for all and public funds should be invested to ensure that this is the case.” (Proposition: Ormiston Chadwick Academy / Opposition: Wade Deacon).
  2. Schools should teach us a curriculum to prepare us for life that includes finance, sex and relationship and politics in the curriculum.” (Proposition: The Heath / Opposition: Ormiston Chadwick Academy)


The debate team were absolutely fantastic and represented themselves and OCA brilliantly. They spoke articulately and confidently about the issues.

They competed against The Heath, Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy and Wade Deacon and we are very pleased to announce they were crowned Halton schools debate champions for 2015-2016. Well done Team, we are very proud of you!

School Council Meetings

Minutes of School Council Meeting


aba-logoThe Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme has trained over 18,000 young people in over 2,500 schools/youth organisations to be Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and to lead on tackling bullying in their schools and communities throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.


The Ambassadors are trained to develop a range of preventative measures to keep their peers safe. These include delivering sessions about online safety to parents, re-writing their school’s anti-bullying policy, behaviour management campaigns such as Smile and Compliment days.  There are also drop-in support sessions and anti-bullying patrols around their schools. They make it their mission to tackle bullying and to fully support their peers.


In June 2016, a number of students from OCA were selected to attend the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors training, including pupils from the current Year 8-11, based on their experiences of bullying in the past and their desire to make a positive difference to the Academy community.


The day consisted of a variety of activities which involved mingling with students from other schools and, although slightly nervous at first, our students were brilliant! Everyone showed a positive attitude and a desire to be part of this great team.

All students were a credit to OCA and, as trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, they have come up with a number of fantastic ideas which they want to now put in place. This includes: Anti-Bullying Graffiti Boards, Feel-Good Fridays and break-time patrols.

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are:

Y8 – Jack Almond, Jessica Lynch, Saul Evans

Y9 – Molly Thompson, Mackenzie Wilding

Y10 – Joseph Bird, Aimee Smith, Clara Parr

Y11 – Katie Lynch, Luke McDonald

Anti-Bullying Week 2016

Our ABAs saw their first Anti-Bullying Week take place between 14th and 18th November. Their hard work planning and delivering assemblies, whilst promoting their Anti-Bullying message, meant that we had numerous applications to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and have now expanded the team to include: Callum Foster, Blake Cooper, Olivia O’Neil, Leonie McRitchie, Daisy Seddon, Michael Rowlands and Ryan Mckenzie.

ant bullying 2016 4

It was a pleasure to read so many applications from different year groups, particularly Years 7 and 11, proving that our students really do care about each other’s safety and well-being.

anti bullying 2016 2 anti bullying 2016


Congratulations to Daisy Seddon and Heather McStein who were also worthy winners of the Anti-Bullying Poster competition. There were a lot of great entries and it was a tough decision so well done to both students!


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