Prefect & Student Leadership

Student Parliament at OCA

At OCA our student leadership team have decided on their own mission statement.

Our Mission Statement:

We will represent the students in our school by gathering their views and presenting them to members of the senior leadership team. We will adhere to the values of OCA at all times:

  • Originality
  • Community
  • Aspiration
  • Excellence
  • Respect

We will support our school as role models representing them at events such as open evening, parents evening and transition week. We will wear our uniform with pride and be true OCAers.

Year 11 head up the leadership team including taking minutes, feeding back to the school’s Senior Leadership Team and working with younger members of the team.

The full leadership team meet once every half term. Prior to the meeting form representatives gather the views and concerns of other students and these are discussed at the meetings. The Head Boy and Head Girl then attend Senior Leadership Team meetings to feedback the minutes. Throughout the half term smaller groups of students work together  to develop student voice and action across the academy.


2019-2020 Student Leadership Team

Year 11

Head Boy and Girl Deputy Head Boy and Girl Pupil Wellbeing Leads Community Lead Careers Lead SEND Lead Anti-Bullying Lead
Dylan Higgins and Erin Rhead Olivia Harris Harper and Kurt Crosbie Annie Castley and David Thomas Abby Sharratt Millie Condron Olivia O’Neill Sarah Holmes

Senior Prefects: Ember Jones and Nieve McNulty

Year 10: House Leaders

Sutton Simmonds Parry Malala
Dylan Higgins


Erin Rhead Jess Pennington Macy Cunningham, Ella Roberts and James Sutton

Year 10: additional form representatives: Stefan Grcki, Molly Seddon


Year 8 HBE – Evan Kenna                                                                          KAR – Chloe Hewitt and Wil Unwin

HKW – Oliver Yoxon Grant                                                           HPN – Atlanta Wedgwood

KON – Spencer Anderson and Kayleigh Foster                         JWY – Thomas Butler

JWH – Megan Beddingfield

Year 9 ASE – Grace Holian                                                                          MRT – Corey Woods Harris

LML – Georgia Boyd                                                                         HRS – Sophia Kinsella

ASM – Maddy Lyons                                                                         CAL – Elizabeth Caza

Year 10 CCL – Jasmin Edwards & Daniel Yoxon Grant                             JSR – Sam Ross and Jamie Bibby

SSN- Jess Wills and Isabelle Morrow                                            RLN – Matthew Hayes and Grace Goodridge

MJS  – Quan Do                                                                                  AMS – Erin Peacock and Joe Humphries

EMY – Jack Darlington